Intellectual Property is a critical resource in the technology industry, and this applies to the programming and provisioning domain as much as any other high-technology segment. IAR is exceptionally proud of the organization's innovations in this domain, redefining and extending critical security practices into various markets.

As with all technology domains there is pre-existing intellectual property and prior art

The IAR patent pool builds on a broad set of industry-standard practices and has been granted in multiple geographies globally. This approach ensures we have the cleanest possible intellectual property, with numerous governmental agencies reviewing the patents and judging them as novel and non-infringing on the vast array of pre-existing patents. IAR has invested substantially in this wide portfolio, and we believe we have the widest set of granted and in-process patents in the secure provisioning domain covering the Internet of Things, Industrial, Medical, and other markets.

In the process of gaining over 20 granted patents, and over 40 in process, IAR has worked diligently to ensure we do not knowingly infringe any third-party IP or patents. The fundamental patents we hold are broad, and the act of granting these means that the patent inspection offices in the EMEA, US, and APAC have all inspected the relevant submissions.

Given the patents have been granted, our customers can be safe knowing that our products do not infringe any other organizations' patents.

Patent information

  • EP3360070B1
  • US10650168B2
  • HK1259553B
  • US11238137B2
  • US11277445B2
  • GB2561374B
  • EP3610399B1
  • US11361087B2
  • US11362839B2
  • EP3901804B1
  • GB2582673B
  • GB2581525B
  • EP3792801B1
  • EP3792802B1
  • GB2584909B
  • TWI788528B
  • GB2581527B
  • TWI789105B
  • TWI800973B
  • TWI803236B
  • EP3699802B1
  • TWI780656B
  • EP3610401B8
  • US11671246B2
  • US11736347B2
  • US11743055B2
  • US11764960B2
  • US11775650B2
  • EP3897017B1

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